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Zzoma, Top Positional Sleep Apnea Device, Gains Major Investment from VC John Martinson, Signaling Market Disruption

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – March 26thZzoma, the innovative leader in non-invasive positional therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), manufactured by Sleep Specialists, today announced a major growth round funding led by renowned venture capitalist John Martinson of Martinson Ventures. This strategic investment underscores Zzoma’s transformative potential and Sleep Specialists’ emergence as a major force in the sleep healthcare field. The capital will accelerate global expansion, fuel clinical development, and broaden access to Zzoma’s personalized, comfortable solution for OSA patients and physicians.

Millions worldwide experience debilitating sleep apnea, with many still facing challenges despite traditional CPAP treatment. Zzoma addresses this unmet need by offering a gentle, mask-free option that guides patients toward optimal sleep positions, minimizing airway obstruction and maximizing comfort. Zzoma’s goal is not to replace CPAP, but rather offer ersonalization and enhanced patient comfort, potentially improving CPAP compliance and allowing both doctors and patients another tool to effectively manage OSA.

“John Martinson’s investment is powerful validation of Zzoma’s market-leading innovation and Sleep Specialists’ growth trajectory,” said Michael J. Markus, Executive Director of Sleep Specialists. “Demand for a comfortable, effective OSA solution is immense, and this capital positions us to rapidly scale and revolutionize how sleep apnea care is delivered.”

Investor Confidence Fueling Revolution in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Martinson Ventures’ expertise fuels high-growth healthcare companies, and the firm’s investment signals strong confidence in Zzoma’s potential to enhance standard OSA treatment paradigms.

“Zzoma’s personalized approach is exactly what the sleep medicine field needs,” said John Martinson, Chairman of Martinson Ventures. “Patients deserve a better, more comfortable option, potentially working alongside CPAP to offer a broader range of solutions. This technology is the key to broader treatment success and greater patient quality of life.”

The Zzoma Difference: Data-Driven, Patient-First Innovation

  • Clinically Proven: Zzoma’s proven efficacy offers healthcare providers a reliable solution for their patients.
  • Patient Comfort: Patients consistently report satisfaction with Zzoma’s comfortable design, improving compliance and leading to better sleep outcomes.
  • Growing Partnerships: Expanding partnerships and investments ensure even wider accessibility to Zzoma in the United States and globally

Venture Capital Investment Drives Zzoma’s Expansion and Innovation

This recent round of venture capital financing will accelerate significant advancements: 1) a reimbursable, electronic positional therapy solution launching in 2025, 2) integration of evidence-backed SleepScore APIs for enhanced user experience and outcomes, and 3) expansion of Sleep Specialists’ value-based contract, total cost of care reduction Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) care solutions to major US payers.

About Sleep Specialists, LLC

Sleep Specialists, LLC is a rapidly growing medical device company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for sleep-related disorders. Their flagship product, Zzoma, is a clinically proven, FDA-cleared positional therapy device for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Sleep Specialists is experiencing substantial momentum, marked by:
  • Strategic partnerships expanding access to Zzoma.
  • Investment in US manufacturing, ensuring product availability and domestic production.
  • International expansion, reaching new markets with their effective solution.
Over 1,700 physicians and 1,300 sleep centers prescribing Zzoma, demonstrating growing recognition of its value in treating OSA patients.

About Martinson Ventures

John Martinson has been a venture capitalist and software industry leader for 40 years. In 1986, John founded Edison Partners, which raised nine growth equity limited partnerships. John is also an active individual investor and philanthropist. Edison Partners invested over $2 billion in 230 East Coast companies and realized 180 exits. John participated in 250 equity financings. He specializes in software/services for healthcare, education, financial, marketing, and business applications. John has also served on the Board of Directors for 80 companies. Martinson Ventures is primary investor in 42 emerging companies. John has invested in 35 private companies and 25 private equity partnerships, and has made an initial commitment for five first-time venture funds. John is a member of the Golden Seeds, Jumpstart, and Delaware Crossing angel investor groups.

About Sleep Score

SleepScore Labs is the company changing the world by empowering businesses to solve the world’s sleep problems at scale by driving sleepimprovement powered by science and world-leading data and technology. Every health and wellness company can leverage SleepScore APIs to unlock significant value for their patients and consumers. SleepScore Labs was founded by a team of sleep experts from companies, institutions, and organizations such as ResMed, Apple, Philips, and Harvard and after studying more than 380 million hours of sleep, it offers a suite of B2B2C services to help companies improve their health and wellness outcomes.


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