Zzoma, an Alternative for CPAP

Designed by a board-certified sleep physician, The Zzoma is a positional medical device for the treatment of mild to moderate positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and snoring. In a multi-center clinical study, Zzoma was found to be a clinically proven effective treatment for patients with positional OSA. Your OSA treatment shouldn’t keep you awake at night. Zzoma is an affordable and comfortable alternative to CPAP therapy.

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Designed by a board certified sleep physician, Zzoma is a positioner worn around your upper torso.


Just as effective as CPAP therapy while allowing you to sleep comfortably on your own pillow with no mask or skin irritation.


A single, one-time payment for Zzoma is an affordable alternative to CPAP therapy.

Ask Your Doctor

Positional OSA can only be diagnosed by a sleep study and not all patients with OSA should be treated with the Zzoma. Zzoma is available by prescription only. Ask your doctor if the Zzoma Positional Device may be right for you. ​