Zzoma is an effective, affordable and comfortable CPAP alternative

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Zzoma is a practical, affordable and comfortable CPAP alternative.
Although continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is an effective treatment for positional OSA, up to 50% of CPAP users misuse it daily—citing problems like claustrophobia, mask discomfort, inability to tolerate the air pressure and, or side effects such as nasal congestion or eye irritation. In a multi-center clinical study of patients with positional OSA, Zzoma is just as effective as CPAP therapy while allowing you to sleep comfortably on your pillow with no mask or skin irritation. Zzoma is also an affordable alternative to CPAP therapy.

How Zzoma Works

  1. Place the device on your back and bring the straps around so they are in front of you.Position the device so the Velcro straps are at the level of your chest.
  2. Adjust the Velcro straps for fit and comfort and secure together.
  3. Lie on either side in a comfortable position and go to sleep.

Catch more ZZZs with Zzoma.

Ask Your Doctor

Positional OSA can only be diagnosed by a sleep study and not all patients with OSA should be treated with the Zzoma. Zzoma is available by prescription only. Ask your doctor if the Zzoma Positional Device may be right for you.