SleepScore Labs and Sleep Specialists LLC Revolutionize Sleep Health With SleepScore APIs Powered ZzomaforLife App

SleepScore Labs and Sleep Specialists LLC Revolutionize Sleep Health with SleepScore APIs
powered ZzomaforLife App

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 25th, 2024 – Sleep Specialists, LLC, creator of the FDA-cleared Zzoma® positional sleep apnea device, and SleepScore Labs, the leading sleep science and technology company, proudly announce their groundbreaking partnership aimed at transforming sleep health for millions of Americans by crafting personalized sleep journeys which incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy and circadian science and empowering them to unlock their full potential with the new SleepScore APIs powered Zzoma Companion App – ZzomaforLife.

Better Sleep through Proven Personalized Digital Experiences and Coaching

This partnership underscores a shared commitment to delivering positive sleep and wellbeing outcomes and belief that personalized digital sleep experiences and coaching that are evidence-backed are critical to delivering these outcomes at scale. Furthermore, it also showcases the continued evolution of both companies as Sleep Specialists is creating for consumers of Zzoma positional therapy a new personalized digital experience that delivers an engaging and impactful sleep improvement program, powered by SleepScore’s newly announced APIs. By integrating SleepScore APIs into the ZzomaforLife app and gaining invaluable sleep and consumer insights, Sleep Specialists will boost the value it delivers to its consumers and shareholders:

1. Empower its consumers to seamlessly measure and understand their sleep, and receive actionable personalized sleep insights, coaching, and content.
2. Offer a full range of sleep health products and services, including the Zzoma device alongside SleepScore’s suite of digital sleep improvement tools inside ZzomaforLife app
3. Accelerate and elevate its innovation pipeline across its Zzoma positional therapy devices, ZzomaforLife app, and value-based care programs for US payers.

SleepScore APIs are uniquely positioned to enable Sleep Specialists with such value boost as they are deeply rooted in sleep and behavioral science, leveraging SleepScore’s 380+ million hours of contextual sleep data, 230+ scientific studies, 61 peer-reviewed publications, and world’s first permanently reimbursed sleep improvement program which is available to 74 million publicly insured people in Germany.

In a joint statement, Michael J. Markus, Executive Director of Sleep Specialists, expressed his excitement about this partnership: “We’re thrilled to partner with SleepScore Labs to empower people to unlock their full potential through better sleep. By integrating SleepScore’s APIs into our offering we can now guide and support each consumer with the most personalized and effective sleep improvement solution that fits and adapts to their individual sleep needs. This partnership will maximize the value we deliver through our existing and future offerings”

Gil Adato, COO of SleepScore Labs, echoed this sentiment: “We are excited to partner with Sleep Specialists to empower millions of people take control of their sleep health. Combining our respective expertise in sleep science, technology, and data science allows us to deliver solutions that truly make a difference in people’s lives. Together, we’re driving positive change in the sleep industry, helping individuals unlock lasting sleep and wellbeing improvement.”

About Sleep Specialists, LLC

Sleep Specialists, LLC, a rapidly growing medical device and services company, is committed to innovating solutions for sleep-related disorders. Notable achievements include establishing strategic partnerships, investing in US manufacturing, international expansion, and garnering recognition from over 1,700 physicians and 1,300 sleep centers prescribing Zzoma, demonstrating its value in treating OSA patients.

About SleepScore Labs

SleepScore Labs is the company changing the world by empowering businesses to solve the world’s sleep problems at scale by driving sleep improvement powered by science and world-leading data and technology. Every health and wellness company can leverage SleepScore APIs to unlock significant value for their patients and consumers. SleepScore Labs was founded by a team of sleep experts from companies, institutions, and organizations such as ResMed, Apple, Philips, and Harvard and after studying more than 380 million hours of sleep, it offers a suite of B2B2C services to help companies improve their health and wellness outcomes.
Note: SleepScore does not provide medical advice. Always consult a healthcare professional for any medical concerns