Sleep Specialists Celebrates 15 Years, Unveils Zzoma+ Sensor, Launches Clinical Trial, Focuses on Value-Based Care

Sleep Specialists and iSleep Physicians Announce a Collaboration to Expand Access to Effective OSA Treatment with Zzoma Positional Therapy


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – February 9, 2024 – Sleep Specialists, LLC, the manufacturer of Zzoma® positional therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and iSleep Physicians, a leading virtual sleep specialist practice, today announced a collaboration  to improve access to effective OSA treatment options for patients nationwide, offering a comfortable and potentially mask-free alternative to traditional CPAP therapy.

Zzoma is a clinically proven, FDA-cleared medical device that gently prevents patients from sleeping on their backs, a position known to worsen OSA symptoms. For patients diagnosed with mild to moderate OSA, Zzoma can be a viable alternative to CPAP, offering relief from sleep apnea without the need for a bulky mask and machine. iSleep Physicians is a group of board certified Sleep Physicians that are licensed in all 50 states. iSleep Physicians utilizes a patient friendly telehealth platform to diagnose patients and evaluate Zzoma as a potential treatment option.

This collaboration will:

  • Offer patients a seamless experience: iSleep Physicians patients can now easily learn about Zzoma during their virtual consultations and, if deemed appropriate, receive a prescription directly through the platform.
  • Improve access to OSA treatment: iSleep’s nationwide reach and virtual care model expands patient access to Zzoma, particularly in areas with limited sleep specialists.
  • Enhance care coordination: Both companies will collaborate to streamline communication between physicians and patients, ensuring optimal Zzoma therapy effectiveness.

“We are excited to partner with iSleep Physicians to make Zzoma more accessible to patients struggling with OSA,” said Michael J. Markus, PhD, Executive Director of Sleep Specialists, LLC. “Their innovative telehealth platform and network of sleep specialists align perfectly with our mission to improve sleep health for everyone, offering both traditional and mask-free treatment options.”

“At iSleep, we are committed to providing convenient and effective treatment options for our patients,” said Dr. Singh, CEO of iSleep Physicians. “Zzoma offers a non-invasive and comfortable solution for many OSA sufferers, and this collaboration allows us to offer it to a wider range of patients, helping them find relief from sleep apnea without the limitations of CPAP.”

About Sleep Specialists, LLC

Sleep Specialists, LLC is a rapidly growing medical device company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for sleep-related disorders. The company’s flagship product, Zzoma, is a clinically proven, FDA-cleared positional therapy device for OSA. Sleep Specialists is experiencing substantial momentum, marked by:

  • Strategic partnership with First Nation: Expanding access to Zzoma in Government hospitals.
  • Investment in US manufacturing: Ensuring product availability and domestic production.
  • International expansion: Reaching new markets with its effective solution.
  • 600+ sleep centers prescribing Zzoma: Demonstrating growing recognition of its value in treating OSA patients.

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About iSleep Physicians

iSleep Physicians is transforming the landscape of sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment through our extensive services, providing comprehensive sleep testing interpretations and telemedicine solutions nationwide for both adult and pediatric patients. Our expansive group of practice providers holds board certification in Sleep and are licensed across all 50 states.