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CPAP machines can be incredibly uncomfortable but provide important breathing assistance for people who require sleep apnea relief. However, a CPAP pillow may be able to provide more comfort while wearing a CPAP breathing mask, along with many other benefits that can improve your sleep quality.

Improved Comfort

One of the most common complaints when using a CPAP machine is how uncomfortable the mask is and how it makes it difficult to sleep. CPAP masks can cause discomfort on the face and in the head and neck area, partially, because you may be tossing and turning during the night, causing the mask to move, or even come off.

A pillow for CPAP is designed to increase the comfort level of CPAP therapy and give you more comfortable sleep. Many of these pillows are also made with material that is comfortable and form fitting for your head and neck area.

These specially designed pillows increase comfort because they have unique contours and shape that reduces the amount of pressure the mask puts on your face, neck, and head. Additionally, because you are more comfortable using a CPAP pillow mask, you can increase your sleep quality making you have a more restful night which is good for your overall health.

Reduced Mask Leaks

Another one of CPAP pillows benefits is that it improves CPAP’s effectiveness as a respiratory aid by reducing mask leaks. This is because a meticulously designed CPAP pillow will keep you in the correct sleep position for the duration of the night and prevent the mask from moving around too much throughout the night.

Because of this, your CPAP therapy will be more effective, allowing you to breathe better throughout the night, allow for snoring reduction, and keep your mask in the correct position. This can create better sleep that leaves you feeling rested and more ready to start your day.

Better Airway Alignment

One of the best CPAP pillow benefits is that it provides better airway alignment. A CPAP pillow provides support between your neck, mask, and CPAP machine, reducing leaks and increasing effectiveness. This can help your CPAP machine provide better relief for sleep apnea, allowing your airways to stay open throughout the night and letting you sleep.

Additionally, a CPAP pillow provides correct neck alignment which can help to prevent airway collapse. This allows for airway improvement even without the CPAP machine because it keeps the airways open throughout the night, allowing for a more restful night of sleep.

Decreased Tension on Neck and Shoulders

Sleeping with a CPAP machine on a regular pillow can result in neck and shoulder pain because it is hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in. CPAP pillows can alleviate this tension on the neck and shoulder area because they are designed to provide sleep support and comfort to your neck and shoulders with their contoured design.

This enhanced comfort for you neck and shoulder area can help you get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling less stiff in the morning. This can improve your day and overall health. A CPAP pillow is designed to make CPAP Machines for Sleep Apnea more comfortable to live with.

Increased Compliance

Compliance when using a CPAP machine is defined as how much you use your CPAP machine and how well it works for you. Many things can cause reduced compliance including not being able to sleep with the mask on, so you completely remove it, discomfort causing you to remove it, and even the mask being knocked out a place causing leaks at night.

A CPAP comfort pillow can increase compliance in many ways including keeping you in the correct sleep position that keeps the mask secure and prevents leaks. It can also increase the comfort level, encouraging you to wear the mask more often. A CPAP pillow can also work as a snore pillow and reduce how much you snore during the night.

There could be a chance that you do not need a CPAP machine at all. If you are suffering from positional sleep apnea, a positional therapy device that allows you to sleep in a side position and keep your airways open can also work. Zzoma is a positional therapy device that can help treat positional sleep apnea. If you are suffering from positional sleep apnea, talk to your doctor about Zzoma.